Management board software, focusing on people and communication

Flowe is an application that helps teams reach their objectives. Flowe will create transparency, increase team engagement & motivation, align communication to objectives and save time getting both important messages out and receiving feedback.

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From knowing to doing

The challenge

Leadership is about leading change, and change is a team effort. At Flowe, we believe that teams can be much more effective at turning knowledge into action by addressing the following key change challenges.

"Organizations and leaders do not stick to set objectives"

It’s easy to get distracted and stray from the agreed goals. Flowe includes a powerful objectives platform that creates transparency and helps keep everyone focused on the things that matter most.​
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“Without being involved, we are not motivated to change”

Communication and collaboration are essential for employee engagement and team motivation. With Flowe, you can send a status update in minutes, from any device, keeping the entire team in the loop.
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“Communication is lacking and inconsistent”

Successful execution relies heavily on communication; both quality and quantity. Flowe auto-generates newsletters, making it easy to create frequent communications that are aligned with objectives.
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“Limited options for teams to give feedback”

With Flowe, teams can voice opinions and give feedback, also anonymously. Combined with Flowe's advanced reports and early warning indicators, leaders can proactively handle issues.
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Explore the solution

How it works

At the core of Flowe is a continuous improvement cycle, combining goals, communication, and transparency. Flowe helps throughout the cycle, saving you time and capturing the value that lies hidden in every business conversation, and turns opinions into actionable data points.

Typical usage scenarios:

  • Department or team scoreboards
  • Project board & status reporting
  • Organization-wide linked boards and objectives 
Flowe cycle
Set goals

Create objectives and add them to your board

It is simple to create new objectives. Your objectives can be linked together, thereby creating a hierarchical setup. You can also link to existing objectives.

A board is your teams window to objectives and goals. Create a board and add objectives in just a few minutes.

You are in complete control of who can access your board and your objectives, and what they can see and do. This is done by assigning users as owners, contributors, or viewers. 

Share status

Post updates and collaborate

Take a picture and write a few lines, or make a detailed report with embedded graphs. Adding status updates is easy and can be done from any device.

Status indicators are computed based on target and realized values, or auto-calculated in the case of linked objectives.

Users are notified of new updates, so everyone can read and react to them. Users can add comments from any device – and can choose to remain anonymous – in an easy and familiar way.


Auto-generated newsletters and status reports

Using templates, relevant data from your board and objectives is collected and presented to you for editing before publishing. Simply add your thoughts, summary or needed actions – and you’re done!

Standardize your reporting. The system will automatically add status updates from your chosen time interval to your report, so you can focus on the big picture.

All board users get notified when a newsletter is published. Read on any device immediately and give feedback right from within the newsletter.

Learn and adapt

Lead smarter with statistics and early warning indicators

Performance and feedback statistics will tell you if the organization is thriving or struggling, and which parts may need help. You don’t have to wait for the annual employee satisfaction survey. Flowe will tell you in realtime.

Flowe will focus your attention on areas of special interest; such as especially high or low user activity, objectives where status updates generate a lot of discussion, or a high number of skeptical team members.

Identifying potential leadership issues from communication and feedback data, is a core feature of Flowe. Finding and addressing such issues as early as possible will dramatically increase a team’s chance of success.

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Simple and intuitive

Flowe is designed for fast setup and ease of use, leaving you to focus on execution. It’s built to support any team, project or organization that believes communication is at the center of successful teamwork, and listening is crucial to making good decisions.

Objectives platform

Set up a team cockpit and add objectives in minutes. No training required.

Link objectives together to form hierarchies, and use them across any number of cockpits; eliminating duplicate status updates, and providing everyone with a single source of truth.

Having a common objectives platform with a set of agreed upon targets, keeps everyone focused on the things that matter most.

Focused communications

Objectives based communications keeps messaging consistent and focused on the most important issues.

Providing quick updates regularly is far more valuable than traditional long form status reporting.

Data & intelligence

Analysis of feedback can provide teams with trends and early warning signs; helping to identify potential issues before they become problems.

Teams work together, discuss issues and find solutions. Keep everyone aligned and motivated by taking ownership of the team’s stakeholder communications.

Reliable & secure

Flowe works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

Control who can see and make updates to both cockpits and objectives.

Hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the EU.


Free to get started

Our free plan has all the features of the paid plan, only limited by the size of your team. Upgrade a board to the Pro plan anytime and add an unlimited number of members to that board.

  • Unlimited objectives, status updates, reports and newsletters.
  • Max. 10 members per board.
Pro Board
Per board. Paid annually.
  • Unlimited objectives, status updates, reports and newsletters.
  • Unlimited members per pro board.
Pro boards for the whole organization.
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  • Unlimited boards, objectives, status updates, reports and newsletters.
  • Unlimited members per board.

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